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MD 4835, Republic of Moldova, Ratus village (Chisinau-Orhei route, the 18th km)

Light metal construction

The metallic structures are made from U, Z, C and ∑ profiles. The structures are made of a cold vaulted doubledip galvanized steel of 1,5mm – 4mm widith. The profiles are made in factory and this is a guarantee of constant quality. They are used for construction of industrial halls, warehouses, houses, attics, garages, containers, parking, roofs with thin walls, various other outbuildings.

Technical Data:
Dimensions: from C75 to C300; from U75 to U300; from Z75 to Z300; from ∑75 to ∑300
Material: quality standard S350 GD; S320 GD; S250 GD
Material thickness: 1,5mm; 2mm; 2,5mm; 3mm, 3,5mm, 4mm;
material protection: galvanized steel
Lenght: min 1m - maximum restricted by the transportation unit
Fitting holes: ø 12mm., ø 14mm., ø 16mm., ø 18mm., ø 14 x 30 mm., ø 16 x 30 mm., ø 18 x 30 mm. (80mm. x 130mm.);


The benefits of light metal construction:
- Reduced speed with which it builds
- Resistance time of the construction
- The fast installing and removing of the constructions
- Attractive prices
- Because of light weight does not require great foundation
- Earthquake-resistant structures