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Metal tile

If you are you looking for a roof and you want to eliminate the problems created by the old roof or move to a new house, you have reached the right place. Below are the strengths of BIRKA metal tile. It is available in a variety of colors and shapes that fits any type and style of building.

The benefits of metal tile:

  • The metal roofing is resistant to rain , wind, snow , mold, so that the metal roof tile will not be affected. It must have the same lifetime as the construction that it was mounted on, at least 50-60 years
  • Low weight – 4-4,5kg. The strength and the light weight make the metal tiles to be the favorite competitor for the title of best covering
  • Fire resistance. High degree of resistance to the propagation and spread of fire
  • Simplicity and reduced installation time
  • Ecological product
  • Optimal price for the product and for the installation works