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MD 4835, Republic of Moldova, Ratus village (Chisinau-Orhei route, the 18th km)

BIRKA company, specialized in the manufacture of sandwich panels and metal tile, offers a wide range of products of the highest quality at the best prices - their quality rising to the rigors of International Standards.
For a complete solution, we produce accessories, standard and under the order, offering professional advice in choosing their correct. We are specialized in the implementation of high-quality products at the conditions set by our clients.
The company enjoys successful collaborations and important projects completed, with a team of a professional staff.
The team of our company is characterized by the desire of achieving the highest level and quality of its work, which been entrusted by our clients. The clients enjoy individual and innovative solutions.

• Sandwich Panels
• Metal tile
• Pluvial System
• Accessories
• Light metal construction
We mention that counseling and measuring services are free.
Company goals:
• increasing the company market competitivity by optimizing production costs
• development of BIRKA partners list
• improving the quality of consulting services provided, by ensuring staff trainings and specializations
• maintaining customer loyalty, in order to increase the company's competitiveness
• maintenance and continuous improvement of quality standards, and the level of professionalism
For further information you can find us at the following address: Republic of Moldova, Ratus village (the route Chişinău-Orhei, the 18th km).

We will be glad to join you in our customers list and to serve your expectations.